Tea Time Inconvenience

I am house sitting and caring for a one-eyed cat. I have the day off from work and decide to use it well. After a hike and many good eats,  I sit outside and paint lovely images for people far away. A nice cuppa tea gets sipped as I flow through sketches and watercolors.

My time of solitude is abruptly interrupted by a friendly neighbor. Her concern was for the package left on the front stoop that may or may not need my urgent attention. As this sweet old lady informs me of people who steal packages, I’m shocked to realize this is my first human interaction of the day. It’s 6pm for goodness sake. She kindly continues discussing other points of life important to her.

I’m also shocked at the thoughts of my head, spouting off how inconvenient this is. I don’t feel like giving her the energy necessary to patiently talk with her. Perhaps it’s one of the only human interactions she’s had today too.

As Jesus works on my heart, I ask Him what to say. I ask questions of this woman I assume she may like to talk about. Where is she from originally? Wow, she came to the US 60+ years ago  without knowing a lick of English.

And in the matter of a few minutes of genuine conversation, I realize I’m loving her. And it’s no longer inconvenient, because I’m enjoying how she’s lighting up.

A friend recently said to me that it is dehumanizing to believe that anyone can inconvenience you. To believe someone is so low that a moment spared for them is an annoyance. Here I was, in full need of Jesus to rescue me from myself.

Do I really understand what Paul says in Ephesians 2:10, “For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them,”?

The neighbor bid me ado after some time, with a reminder to bring the package inside. Left alone, I was grateful that she too is made in God’s image. She is worthy of more attention than I dare give her, or she dare accepts. Not only that, but she ministered to me in ways I couldn’t provide for myself. May I always be inconvenienced, and softened to what Christ would have for me in that moment.

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