Shakshuka (Welcome to Flavortown)

Shakshuka is a dish that makes me wanna shout, "This is everything I want, and nothing I don't want!" You've got your onions, peppers, tomatoes, eggs and cheese. I tend to put in unnecessary, but worth it, extras. This time, I chopped up some leftover hard salami and zucchini. Trading chili pepper for paprika also … Continue reading Shakshuka (Welcome to Flavortown)

Tea Time Inconvenience

I am house sitting and caring for a one-eyed cat. I have the day off from work and decide to use it well. After a hike and many good eats,  I sit outside and paint lovely images for people far away. A nice cuppa tea gets sipped as I flow through sketches and watercolors. My … Continue reading Tea Time Inconvenience

A Tribute to the People Who Have Carried Me

I didn't do something that hasn't been done before. But I did do something I didn't know I could do. Something that simultaneously showed me all of my weaknesses and strengths, and put them on display with a group of people I trust. Here's a recap of my last year and what I've learned along … Continue reading A Tribute to the People Who Have Carried Me